IOSH Leading Safely Course

IOSH Leading Safely Course

The updated IOSH Leading Safely course has been developed by IOSH (2016/17) to give anyone with leadership responsibilities the practical knowledge and solutions for sustainable business advantage through good safety and health practice, to help safeguard their employees and their business.

The Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) is the world’s leading chartered body for all health and safety professionals and approves training courses recognised national and internationally. The IOSH leading safely course will show you how investing in health and safety can reap valuable business benefits, including better productivity, increased profits, an improved reputation and a stronger brand.

Who is the IOSH Leading Safely course for?

The IOSH Leading Safely course is for anyone with leadership responsibilities: senior managers, directors, head of departments, executives, board members, business owners, chief executives and trustees.

What will participants learn?

The learning objectives for the IOSH Leading Safely Course are that by the end of the course, participants will be able to:
1. Develop a strategic understanding of the value of safety and health;
2. Understand good practice from leading global organisations;
3. Understand where they want to position their organisation’s safety performance against other organisations;
4. Plan for implementation; and
5. Understand their operational responsibilities and the opportunities of good performance, as well as the consequences of poor performance.

ISOH Leading Safely Course Delivery

We have a flexible approach to suit your needs and preferences, and you can choose between:
A. Training delivery lasting four hours with some pre-course content and a diagnostic questionnaire to complete before the course; or
B. Training of six hours with just the diagnostic questionnaire to complete before the course; or
C. We can adapt the course to suit your delivery preferences: please call us to discuss your needs
The instructor-led session is intended to be interactive and based around facilitated discussion, exercises and self-evaluation. It can be delivered in-house in which case we can tailor the content to your organisation, or run as an open training course where different organisations attend.

Course Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for the IOSH Leading Safely course. Delegates would normally have a leadership role within an organisation.

Assessment and Certification

At the end of the course, you will complete a personal commitment containing actions relating to any areas for improvement identified in your diagnostic questionnaire and your learning during the course. A certificate will be issued by IOSH.

Course Programme

The pre-course content covers:
• What is safety and health?
• What is leadership?
• What is safety and health leadership and why is it important?
• Behaviours for successful safety leadership

You will also be given access to the IOSH diagnostic mobile app which will help you review and assess your current health and safety performance and practices which will in-turn help you to identify specific actions which need to be undertaken and to make levels of improvement towards these actions.

*If you do not wish to use the app, we will provide you with alternative means*

Training delivery

08:30 Arrival and welcome
08:45 Leadership characteristics and competencies
09:00 The broader context
09:30 Benchmarking current performance
10:45 Break
11:00 Improving performance by building capability
11:45 Applying leadership to safety and health: case study exercise
12:30 Action planning
13:00 Course evaluation and close

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