Site Inspection & Risk Assessment

Callidus Health & Safety offers a proactive inspection and risk assessment service to Clients looking to gain a better understanding of the level of health and safety compliance in the workplace or on a construction site.

Site Inspection & Risk Assessment

Comprehensive site inspection reports provide a clear overview detailing both positive points and areas for improvement together with photographic supporting evidence.

Our inspections are produced to a high standard and are a useful tool in demonstrating proactive monitoring to Principal Contractors and other key stakeholders.

Callidus offers construction site inspection, workplace health and safety assessments, fire risk assessments, noise and vibration assessments, face-fit testing and we provide an annual retainer service which includes all typical workplace assessments.

Meaningful and Measurable Results

Callidus Health & Safety is committed to ensuring a quality inspection with results that benefit a client. This means highlighting instances of best practice and defining an action plan for areas that need attention.

  • Focus management attention on areas of high risk
  • Improvement plans help management identify, plan and resource appropriately
  • Lower risk, reduce costs and improve productivity

Expert Team | we are OSHCR Consultants & IOSH Members

Construction Site Inspections

Construction sites will need regular inspections as they represent a much higher risk to a client than business as usual.

With various contractors, sub-contractors and heavy machinery on site, it is important to ensure you are fulfilling your legal obligations and to ensure people working on the site are working to your own policies and procedures.

  • Identify areas for improvement before they result in any incident or accident on site
  • Demonstrate proactive site monitoring arrangements
  • Callidus are experts in construction health and safety

Workplace Health and Safety Assessments

Callidus can assess a variety of general workplace activities, as well as complete a full workplace assessment. Our expert team of risk management professionals review your health and safety management systems, contractor management, and fire and emergency planning.

Importantly, we ensure you are fulfilling your legal or contractual obligations as well as provide you with a detailed action plan.

  • Realistic action plan based upon actual risk and a good understanding of your business
  • Improve the safety culture of your organisation
  • Introduce a system of ongoing performance monitoring and review

Relevant Legislation

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