Supply Chain Assurance

Callidus Health & Safety has extensive experience in conducting competency assessments on complex supply chains and individual organisations.

Supply Chain Assurance

Knowing that your contractors and suppliers have the necessary competence, arrangements and resources to manage their own health and safety performance is a fundamental element of effective health and safety management.

Our assessments go beyond standard third party accreditation certificates. We spend time examining how effectively suppliers are implementing their policies and processes and quantifying this in relation to managing your supply chain risk. This ensures your brand integrity is maintained throughout the activities of your supply chain.

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Maintaining your brand integrity

  • Examine supplier policies and processes and assess the effectiveness of their implementation.
  • Quantify their effectiveness in relation to managing your supply chain risk and benchmark performance
  • Regular reviews enable more opportunities for best practice

Expert Team | we are OSHCR Consultants & IOSH Members

Integrity delivered

  • Comprehensive reviews of supply chain health and safety management arrangements
  • Demonstrable evidence you are discharging your duties as a client
  • Reassurance that your organisation is not at risk from the acts or omissions of your suppliers

In-Depth Analysis

  • Go beyond generic supply chain checks
  • Targeted reviews of supplier organisation’s plans, policies and procedures
  • Ensure suppliers are a true fit for your business

Relevant Legislation

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