Strategic Risk Management

At Callidus Health & Safety we work with our clients at a strategic level to implement health and safety frameworks that improve commercial performance.

Strategic Risk Management

Manage and mitigate risk more effectively with the Strategic Risk Management service from Callidus Health & Safety.

The introduction of Corporate Manslaughter legislation, and the subsequent introduction of the Health and Safety Offences Act, places the responsibility for effective management of Health and Safety firmly in the Boardroom.

Demonstrate your senior level commitment to health and safety, gain meaningful evidence of effective management and planning, and improve performance throughout your business.

Callidus Health & Safety has extensive experience working with senior health and safety management, executive boards and managing directors ensuring health and safety is top of the agenda. We believe that by properly addressing health and safety at the top of an organisation, the whole business benefits – Reduced lost days due to illness, improved productivity and a happier workforce.

Strategic Risk Management with Callidus will provide major opportunities for cost savings by establishing a framework for operational Health and Safety management and delivering quantifiable KPIs for performance that are benchmarked against global and industry best practice.

Strategic Action Plan

Evaluating an organisations current Health & Safety policies and procedures, our expert team of consultants undertake a detailed review including a Gap analysis and comprehensive reporting before compiling a ‘Strategic Action Plan‘ which details areas for improvement.

The ‘Strategic Action Plan‘ is then discussed with our clients to establish a realistic and achievable implementation process that addresses the highlighted opportunities for immediate change before addressing the wider changes required.

Expert Team | we are OSHCR Consultants & IOSH Members

Effective H&S Management Systems

Understanding our clients needs and the changing legislation surrounding their business activities, we are perfectly placed to provide a framework that delivers a proactive and forward thinking approach to the following areas:

  • Compliance with statutory legislation and alignment with industry best practice
  • Development of quantifiable performance management statistics
  • Generation of risk assessments of business activities

The regular evaluation of each of these areas further ensures that unintended consequences of changes within a company can be recognised from an objective perspective.

Benefits of Strategic Risk Assessment

Whilst there is a legal obligation to providing a safe environment for customers and employees – at Callidus Health & Safety we are keen to ensure that Health & Safety is more than ticking a box.

Find major opportunities for cost saving:

  • Reduce lost days due to illness and injury
  • Improve productivity through creating a safe environment
  • Lower insurance premiums and mitigate civil/criminal claims

There are many wider benefits to a company that implements an effective health and safety management system. Our approach to Strategic Risk Management is designed to amplify these throughout our partners organisations.

How do we deliver strategic risk management?

The service is delivered by our team of experienced consultants who have all worked at senior level in large organisations.
Their expertise enables clients to realise these valuable cost and efficiency benefits by aligning risk management with the mainstream business planning process, rather than viewing Health and Safety purely in terms of legal compliance.

Relevant Legislation

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