Accident Investigation

If an accident has occurred and you are required to carry out a formal investigation, Callidus Health & Safety can offer advice and assistance through our Accident Investigation Service.

Accident Investigation

Our Consultants are highly skilled in carrying out detailed and thorough accident investigations and are experienced in a wide range of industries.

Reports issued by Callidus are comprehensive and we are valued for our pragmatic, supportive and honest approach at what can be a very stressful time for any business.

We have links with a selection of specialists who can provide legal support if required in the circumstances.

Thorough Investigations

It is imperative that an investigation covers the entirety of an incident from interviewing witnesses, taking high quality supportive photographs and fully documenting the whole process.

A full investigation from Callidus Health & Safety will:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to reducing accidents
  • Maintain your brand integrity
  • Improve your chances of reduced claims or fees

Expert Team | we are OSHCR Consultants & IOSH Members

Fast and Effective Service

Once an accident or incident has occurred you must act quickly to ensure as much information as possible is gathered.

Callidus provides a fast and effective service. We have staff based in strategic locations throughout the country to ensure response times are as fast as possible.

  • Experienced accident investigators
  • Rapid response times
  • Pragmatic and honest approach

Accurate and Comprehensive Reports

It’s important to learn from all incidents and near-misses. A comprehensive report can make sure that any preventable factors are managed or eliminated. These reports will also help in the event of litigation.

  • Include all relevant information
  • Witness statements, photographs and documentary evidence
  • Thorough break-down, evaluation and recommendations

Relevant Legislation

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