tough mudder

Mind over Mudder: Callidus Staff to enter Tough Mudder 2017

Callidus Health and Safety have signed up to take part in this years Tough Mudder in Skipton, West Yorkshire on Sunday the 30th July 2017.

Tough Mudder is not a race, it’s a challenge. Designed to test teamwork and grit on a 10 – 12 mile course with obstacles such as ‘Kong’, ‘Pryamid Scheme’, ‘Electroshock Therapy’, ‘The Reach Around, ‘The Block Ness Monster’ and ‘Mud Mile’.

A 12 mile obstacle course through mud may not sound like everyone’s ideal Sunday afternoon, but it’s team-based structure and non-competitive approach has attracted tens of thousands throughout the world.

Steve Hanson, Callidus CEO on entering this years Tough Mudder in support of Help For Hero’s: “As an ex serviceman myself, I understand the sacrifices these amazing people make for all of us. We are proud to support them in any way we can, and this event is an ideal way of doing this”.

For those who have not seen anything about it, Tough Mudder is a 12 mile running course with 28 obstacle challenges scattered throughout. As the name would suggest, there is mud. Lots of mud. And hills, and ropes, and tyres, and mud, and hay bales, and a fire pit, and water, and dangling wires delivering a punch at 10,000 volts and mud, and ice baths … and mud. Those who finish it will end up exhausted and most likely sore … probably for a few days after. We may even come out of it a little bruised or with a few minor abrasions.

The fundamental beauty of this event is that it is non-competitive and has no timing aspect. The objective is to get a team together who will be of a similar fitness capability and help each other get through the course. If you want to charge through it like a possessed demon, that’s your business, but you certainly don’t have to – and the vast majority don’t and the Callidus health and safety team will be sticking together until the bitter end.

Image source: Tough Mudder