Site Inspections

Key Points

  • Regular, prearranged site visits
  • Tour of operational areas
  • Non-conformances discussed on site
  • Remedial actions taken immediately whenever possible
  • Thorough inspection report issued after each visit
Sparta systems

Client Requirement

Sparta Systems Ltd is regularly engaged as a subcontractor to the large Principal Contractor, BAM. BAM actively encourage all their subcontractors to arrange for their health and safety competent person to carry out periodic site safety inspections as part of a scheme of proactive health and safety monitoring.

Callidus were therefore engaged to carry out monthly site inspections on the Vita Student Accommodation construction site in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for the duration of their contract period.

Site Inspections

Education, Construction

Vita Student Accommodation

Programme Value
£1.3 million

Our Solution

Callidus liaised with Sparta Systems in advance to confirm site details and define the required frequency of inspection visits. We made sure to book each inspection well in advance with the Sparta site manager to ensure the visit could be accommodated. Once on site Callidus would tour the Sparta operational areas with the site manager in attendance and discuss any non-conformances while the inspection was in progress.

Remedial action was taken immediately whenever possible. Following each site visit, the Callidus consultant would issue a full inspection report detailing the arrangements and control measures in place, along with a prioritized action plan to address all non-conformances.

Benefits of using Callidus

The Callidus site inspection report format has been specifically developed to provide Clients with a balanced overall snapshot of their health and safety performance including annotated photographs and a list of positive points.

As well as discussing inspection results with site staff and senior management, Callidus works closely with the team at Sparta to develop new systems and procedures that improve their health and safety performance.

Sparta Systems Ltd appreciate the high level of detail in our feedback and also the assurance that they are doing a lot of things right, a matter which Callidus highlights with specific examples within each report.

Sparta systems

Contact Callidus

For more information on our Site Inspection service please email or call 0113 385 2740 to speak with a consultant.