Semperian Broad Quay House

As part of Callidus’ appointment as Health & Safety Compliance Consultant for Semperian Asset Management Ltd, one of our roles is to provide CDM Coordinator services on Notifiable Construction Projects.

This project involved the fit-out of the 3rd floor of a 9 storey office building to form new Head Office accommodation for the client, Semperian. The provision is to house business operations that are being relocated from the existing London and Bristol offices.

Health & Safety Compliance

The proposed works include:

  • Minor demolitions of the existing connecting lobby area (by others)
  • Reinstatement works to ceiling grid in vicinity of demolished lobby and modifications to accept ceiling mounted room cooling units
  • Extension of proprietary Intercell (by Interface FLOR) raised access floor into former interconnecting lobby area
  • Removal of existing Interface FLOR carpet tiles to kitchen area and replacement with alternative vinyl floor covering
  • Removal, repair and cleaning of existing venetian blinds from all windows and re-hanging where possible
  • Modifications to existing lighting including the redistribution and modification of switching to existing modular luminaires and the provision of additional accent lighting and bank/dimming controls
  • Installation of acoustic stopping within ceiling voids over partition lines and attenuation to ventilation system ductwork at partition lines
  • Installation of small power and data supplies including routing, floor box installation / relocation and containment, wall mounted sockets
  • Creation of cellular rooms consisting of plasterboard lined stud walls to the flanks with glazed units to the fronts, incorporating doors and door frames
  • Decoration of existing and new walls woodwork and ceilings
  • Refinishing of existing veneer doors and frames, provision of new ironmongery to match existing and cleaning and polishing of powder coated window frames
  • Provision of a new tea point / kitchen area comprising of base and wall units

The Plan

A Scoping visit was undertaken to the site in the company of the Project Manager and the Building Management representative for Broad Quay House to determine the extent of the scope of works, establish any operational restrictions for contractors working within the building and also to identify specific risks around the building. A detailed Pre-Construction Information documentation was subsequently produced for tender. This was to make tenderers aware of any risks or Building Management requirements for contractors at the earliest possible stage and could cost for the risk appropriately.

Prior to start on site Callidus provided Health & Safety advice on access to the site for materials; this was vital as various floors within the building were occupied by other businesses and communal areas such as stairways, lobbies and lifts would be in constant use during the works Advice was given on minimising the risk arising from any potential interfaces between other building occupiers, the contractor and their work areas.

Project Challenges

The primary challenge within this project was the movement of large materials through an occupied building such as glazed office screens, and large sheet materials.

This was managed by agreeing a designated transit route through the building with the building management team and undertaking the works at specific times, when the building had low occupancy levels.

Further Services

Callidus also deliver the following Health & Safety Consultancy services for Semperian Asset Management Ltd:

  • Legal Compliance Monitoring
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Construction Site Health & Safety Monitoring
  • Competency Assessments

Contact Callidus

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