Programme Management

Reviewing and enhancing systems and processes, our expert team revised Marks and Spencers’ delivery methodology and changed it to seasonal programming in order to increase productivity within projects and capital investment.

Establishing a 53% increase in delivered schemes, Callidus improved communication and scheduling throughout whilst overseeing scheduling, cost control, design, construction and commissioning.

Client Requirement

Marks and Spencer have a varied property portfolio, both age and condition, which requires significant investment to maintain brand reputation. Investment was not being maximised, progress was slow and it was clear that productivity would remain stagnant without any intervention.

As an extension of the Fabric and Plant Team, Callidus were tasked with improving productivity and increasing capital investment. We were to oversee planning, co-ordination, scheduling, cost control, design, construction and commissioning.

Programme Management


Capital Works Programme

Programme Value
£16.2 million

Our Solution

The role was a full-time, embedded, secondment as part of the Facilities Team in Nottingham. Callidus quickly became an integral member of the team working with the Head of Project Delivery & Compliance.

We developed effective relationships with the approved supply chain design consultants and contractors, and by explaining the benefits that would be realised and providing continuous feedback, Callidus implemented alternative processes.

The programme was reviewed and changed to seasonal delivery, boiler and roofing projects completed in summer and spring, autumn and winter for refrigeration and cooling schemes. We started the lift and escalator schemes earlier to avoid peak trading at Christmas

Benefits of using Callidus

The programme management team at Callidus have a wealth of experience within the retail sector which allowed for an easy transition into the Marks and Spencer team.

Our Client was able to see a tangible result as a direct consequence of engaging Callidus. We successfully increased the number of schemes delivered to 110 from 72; a 53% increase on the previous year. Asset investment rose to £16.2m from £8m an 88% increase in replacements.

Callidus ensured clear communication throughout and maintained strict milestones to guarantee the project was delivered within the defined timescales.

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