Principal Designer – Suez Recycling

Key Points

Energy from Waste plant treating 240,000 tonnes of black bag residual waste per year
• 16.6 Megawatts of electrical energy exported to the National Grid via its Grid Connection (equivalent to powering 21,000 homes)
• On-site recycling facility for reprocessing the bottom ashes to produce a secondary aggregate and recyclable metals
• Existing construction project at the end of the CDM Regulations 2015 transition period
• Health & Safety file co-ordination & collation

principal designer suez recycling

Client Requirement

This project has been nominated for a British Construction Industry Award 2017 in the +£50m category. The project involved the design, procurement, construction, installation, testing & commissioning of a new 240,000 tonnes per year Energy from Waste plant, 65,000 tonnes per year bottom ash recycling plant along with the associated offices and visitors centre in St Dennis, Cornwall. Associated works included the construction of new dedicated access and haul roads (to accommodate the heavy goods vehicles delivering waste and all construction related traffic associated with the scheme) and approximately 2km long 132kV electrical connection onto the National Grid.
The Energy from Waste plant is capable of treating up to 240,000 tonnes of waste that is left over after recycling each year and from this generating energy in the form of heat and power. The site exports approximately 16.6MW of electricity which is sufficient to power the equivalent of 21,000 homes. The site also make use of the heat by providing pre-heating within the process, heating the offices and can also export heat (in the form of steam or hot water) should a third party heat offtake be identified.
Adjacent to the Energy from Waste Plant is the bottom ash recycling plant. This processes the non-combustible residues that are left over after incineration. The plant separates out the ferrous and nonferrous metals as well as sorting the residual material (the bottom ash aggregate) into different grades. The aggregate produced is then used as a secondary aggregate for various construction purposes.
Callidus were appointed during the scheme’s final stages of construction (during the early stages of the commissioning), to provide Principal Designer duties under the CDM 2015 Regulations. This corresponded to the end of the transition period and hence the handover from the old CDM Co-ordinator role. The construction of the access and haul roads as well as the grid connection works were all completed under CDM 2007 Regulations prior to the end of the transition period.

Principal Designer

Renewable Energy

SUEZ Recycling (Formerly SITA Cornwall Ltd.)

Project Team
Cornwall Council – Client

Cornwall Energy Recovery Ltd – Developer
SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd – Project Manager and Client (in CDM terms)
VINCI Environment UK Ltd – Principal Contractor
VINCI Environment UK Ltd – Designer
Callidus – Principal Designer

Our Solution

As Callidus were appointed at the latter stages of the scheme we quickly developed an understanding of the overall scheme, and its associated remaining design & construction risks, and lifecycle intricacies.

Further to this we were able to ensure co-ordination of all the associated project designers to co-ordinate the provision & collation of the project’s H&S files and the integration with the Principle Contractor’s Operation and Maintenance Manuals.

Benefits of using Callidus

Callidus were able to provide support and relative experience to the client even at the final stages of the project. We were able to quickly develop an understanding of the overall scheme, which was crucial to the project delivery as we were appointed at the latter stages of the project. This also meant that we had a steep learning curve in terms of getting to know the project and its intricacies with multiple companies (not all native English speakers) in order to collate the required information.

principal designer suez recycling

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