Principal Designer – Kirklees Schools Services Ltd

Key Points

  • Initial site review and hazard analysis
  • Pre-construction information documentation
  • Online information sharing facility
  • Project-specific Design Team meetings
  • Notification of project to HSE
  • Guidance in development of construction phase plan
  • Health and safety performance monitoring
  • Health and safety file review
Kirklees schools services ltd

Client Requirement

Following issues with water ingress through some of the flat roof areas at Salendine Nook Academy in Huddersfield, a decision was taken by the client, Kirklees Schools Services Ltd, to arrange for repairs and replacements as appropriate. The project included the full roof replacement of two flat roof areas along with some localised roof repair works throughout the school.

The project also involved installation of scaffold edge protection around the roof perimeters, scaffold access towers, materials hoisting equipment and a chute facility to enable removal of waste from the roofs.

Principal Designer

PFI, Education

Repair works to Salendine Nook Academy

Project Team
Spie – Principal Contractor
Callidus – Principal Designer
Everlast Group – Specialist Roofing Contractor

Our Solution

Callidus were appointed as Principal Designer on the project and attended site for the initial review the day after instruction. We carried out a review of the proposed design and produced the pre-construction information documentation and hazard register which was then communicated to all project team members, stakeholders and proposed contractors via an online portal.

The project was notified to HSE and the Principal Contractor’s construction phase plan was formally reviewed prior to acceptance, in time to allow the construction phase to commence as planned.

We also carried out a number of health and safety performance monitoring audits throughout the construction phase, during which we formally assessed the site activities of the appointed roofing contractor and the management arrangements of the Principal Contractor.

Benefits of using Callidus

Due to the urgent nature of the repair works required, Callidus were called upon to act as Principal Designer at very short notice. We were able to respond quickly to their requirement and attended site the next day to commence work on the pre-construction information which prevented unnecessary delays to the client and the school.

Callidus have a proven track record in developing strong business relationships with efficient, dependable outputs, allowing Clients to trust us with time-sensitive projects.

Kirklees schools services ltd

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