Principal Designer – G4S Custodial Services

Key Points

  • Initial site review and hazard analysis
  • Hazard Identification documentation
  • Project-specific progress meetings
  • Guidance in development of construction phase plan
  • Health and safety performance guidance
  • Health and safety file review

Client Requirement

The Client required the existing boilers to be replaced as two had been condemned and spare components were no longer available, thus rendering them obsolete.

The plate heat exchangers and buffer vessels providing the hot water were also struggling to meet the additional demand. The hot water requirements for the wing have increased therefore rendering the existing system lacking in capacity at peak usage times.

Due to the need for an uninterrupted supply of hot water to serve the wings during the works, it was necessary for the decommissioning of existing and installation/ recommissioning of new boiler plant to be phased in order to maintain hot water / heating provision. Any planned downtime during switch overs, gas supply upgrades etc. to be managed for times of low demand and to allow for sufficient time for water in systems to heat up.

Principal Designer


Replacement of Boilers on Wings L&M and N&P– HMP Birmingham

Project Team
G4S Facilities Management – Principal Contractor

Callidus – Principal Designer

Ford Mainwaring – Boiler Installation Contractor

Our Solution

Callidus were appointed as Principal Designer on the project and attended site for an initial review of the works with the project manager, Principal Contractor and their appointed smoke detection system installation contractor.

We carried out a review of both the proposed design and the pre-construction information previously developed by the client, we then produced a project specific hazard register which was communicated to all project team members,. The Principal Contractor’s construction phase plan was reviewed prior to acceptance, allowing the construction phase to commence.

Benefits of using Callidus

Our pragmatic approach enabled us to review internal arrangements for managing security, health and safety in such a sensitive environment and to provide guidance on specific items such as protecting operatives from heat stress when working in the plant rooms.

Callidus have a proven track record in developing strong relationships allowing Clients to trust us with sensitive projects.


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