Ongoing CDM Advisor – Marks & Spencer Energy

Key Points

  • Ongoing CDM Advisor Support
  • Ongoing Health & Safety Support
  • 100+ Projects 2015/2016
  • Contractor Engagement

Client Requirement

With the changes to the Construction Design Management Regulations in 2015 and Marks and Spencer’s decision to take the Principal Designer (PD) role in-house. Callidus were appointed by Marks and Spencer Energy to provide a full time seconded CDM Advisor to assist them with their PD / Client duties, this included:

  • Involvement / Authoriser in New Engineering Technologies (NET) Process
  • Roll out of LED Lighting Schemes in 30+ Stores
  • Involvement in all Minor Works Efficiency Schemes
  • HVAC Controls Schemes
  • Various Single Site Energy Efficiency Schemes
  • Surveying Existing Store Roofs for potential PV Installations

CDM Advisor

Retail / Energy / Facilities

Various Energy Efficiency Schemes

Project Value
Estimated £10 Million per annum

Our Solution

Initially Callidus carried out an engagement session with all existing and new contractors; with the aim of improving standards through best practice presentations and documentation reviews. Following this, we implemented new systems and processes throughout the Energy team.

Callidus have now become an authoriser within the New Engineering Technologies process, and therefore all new energy efficiency ideas have been reviewed for design risk prior to testing / rollout stages.

Benefits of using Callidus

In the 2015 / 2016 financial year over 100 projects were carried out by the Energy team; with no reported accidents or incidents. In this time Marks and Spencer engaged several new suppliers with Callidus engaged to ensure compliance with M&S coporate policy.

With an enhanced budget for the 2016 / 2017 financial year, the role of Callidus has been increased and we are now providing a 1.5 person seconded CDMA resource to the Energy team at Marks and Spencer.

Contact Callidus

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