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The project consisted of Light store upgrades to 28 stores across the United Kingdom.

The works included; Refurbishment of existing high street windows & signage, relaying the shop floor, installation of new brand equipment, repair & refurbishment of general merchandise equipment, upgrades to existing tilling areas, changes to navigational signage and enhancements to existing fitting rooms.

Callidus’ Contribution

Callidus were appointed as CDM Co-ordinator for the roll out of all 28 store upgrades.

This included involvement at the initial stages of the project, attending Briefing meetings to advise the client and design team on asbestos restrictions at the store, this advice helped guide the extent of the works that could be done and alternative solutions were discussed to avoid disturbing asbestos as far as reasonably practicable.

A detailed Pre-Construction Information document was produced at the tender stage so that all contractors were aware of the risks at the earliest possible stage and cost appropriately.

Prior to start on site Callidus provided Health & Safety advice at the phasing and sequencing meeting; this was vital as the store would still be trading throughout the work; the contractor needed to ensure that at the end of each night shift no residual risks were left which could impact on staff and customers.

Project Challenges

As the stores were all old high street stores, asbestos was a major risk at all of the stores; Callidus were on the project from the very early stages of the design so asbestos issues could be raised early on and alternative solutions could be looked at.

As the works involved changing the existing High Street signage, consideration need to be given to the timing of the works, method, working at height, manual handling, local restrictions, vehicular movement, task lighting.

Some of the stores were part of town centre shopping centres, which made changing external signage difficult due to centre management restrictions, access (including access for working at height equipment) and protection of their fixtures & finishes. We identified these issues at an early stage so that they could be resolved prior to start on site.

Other key challenges included; traffic and logistical difficulties with getting deliveries to town centre locations including one way systems, noise curfews and delivery restrictions.

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