Fire Risk Assessment – Ashley House

Key Points

  • In-depth desktop review of premises
  • Detailed onsite investigation
  • Review of fire compartmentation where accessible
  • Full schedule of findings including images, plans and remedial actions
  • Clear communication strategy
  • Minimal disruption to client’s services
Ashley House

Client Requirement

Ashley House is a leading health and social care property partner working in the public, private and community sectors. It was important to Ashley House that the fire risk assessor had good experience at dealing with multi-occupied premises, where the risks changed in each area.

Callidus were asked to provide fire risk assessment services to four healthcare premises including respite care, specialist treatment, community health, doctors surgeries and commercial spaces.

Fire Risk Assessment

Health, Social Care, PFI

Our Solution

Callidus worked closely with key stakeholders to fully understand the risks. As these were healthcare premises any recommendations were in line with applicable Health Technical Memoranda. Due to the multi-use nature of the premises, some areas were reviewed against other standards such as the Fire Safety Risk Assessment Government Guides.

We undertook an initial desktop study of the premises and conducted research to determine the occupancy groups. We were then able to determine the use of each area, fire compartmentation, location of fire escape routes and refuge areas. Callidus was also able to consider appropriate fire alarm systems and other available fire precaution measures. Our assessors then undertook a detailed investigation of the premises. The final report included a full schedule of findings, photographs, updated fire plans and a fully categorised, prioritised action plan.

Benefits of using Callidus

Multi-occupied premises can be difficult to assess, but through our clear and open communication strategy and flexible approach Callidus was able to minimise disruption and fully accommodate the client’s requirements. Liaising carefully with building occupants and management, we provided briefs prior to arriving on site and arranged a number of early evening surveys to align with Ashley House’s schedule.

Developing an emergency strategy and promoting communication between different groups can also be challenge, but our process brought together a number of occupants to discuss the findings of the inspection allowing any remedial actions to be swiftly rectified.

Ashley House

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