CDM Advisor – G4S MOJ Reform Projects

Key Points

  • Ongoing CDM Advisor Support
  • Ongoing Health & Safety Support
  • 20+ Projects in 2016
  • Contractor Engagement
  • Compliance with CDM Regs 2015
  • Review of Existing Information
  • Review and Development of Construction Phase Plan
  • Consolidated Health and Safety Risk Matrix

Client Requirement

G4S Facilities Management (G4S) are both the Principal Designer (PD) and Principal Contractor (PC) and are appointed by the Ministry of Justice as the client under the CDM Regulations 2015. G4S appointed Callidus as CDM Advisor to assist them with their PD / PC duties, including a review of their Client requirements and assisting them with the compilation of health and safety related documentation. Throughout the programme we also provided an ongoing review of construction hazards and residual risks.

Schemes include formation of new layouts, Installation of new gas boilers, Installation of new lifts, CCTV installs, Mechanical and electrical alterations, Asbestos removal/encapsulation works

CDM Advisor

Public / Justice / Facilities

Various Reform Schemes

Project Value
Estimated £1 Million

Our Solution

Callidus provide a team of health and safety consultants to assist G4S in meeting the requirements of the CDM Regulations. This has involved developing tools to streamline the process of identifying significant risk and implementing appropriate controls.

Preparation of Pre-Construction Information that clearly summarises the key risks is essential to allow G4S and the sub-contractors to quickly understand the construction hazards. Callidus then work closely with G4S to compile the Construction Phase Plan with input from the sub-contractors relating to their specific activities.

Benefits of using Callidus

Our health and safety consultants have a wealth of experience of working for clients in fast paced client environments where the turn around of projects is rapid. We have developed a toolkit that allows us to track and manage high volumes of work.

Callidus fully appreciate the difficulty of undertaking construction in live environments and work closely with the contractors to determine controls that ensure the safety of the client, their staff and visitors to the courts.

All our consultants are trained in health and safety and have a construction background and are perfectly placed to provide realistic and appropriate advice throughout the project.


Contact Callidus

For more information on our CDM 2015 service please email or call 0113 385 2740 to speak with a consultant.