Callidus Core Standards

Our business is founded on the following core values that guide us in every process, decision and day-to-day activity in conjunction with a passion for delivering the very best Health & Safety Consultancy Solutions to every one of our clients

Callidus Core Standards


  • Give people the authority to act and make decisions
  • Keep our people informed
  • Encourage growth and personal development
  • Give all our staff a voice
  • Accept people will make mistakes

Understanding our Client’s World

  • Speak our Client’s language
  • Recognise their real and perceived needs
  • Build strong and sustainable relationships
  • Do the Leg Work
  • Collaborate on Solutions
  • Structured and bespoke approach

One Step Ahead

  • Ensure our teams are better equipped than anyone else
  • Always look for ways of doing things better
  • Invest in appropriate technology
  • Never be complacent
  • Constantly seek out new revenue streams
  • Understand our competition and strive to increase the gap between us and them
  • Do whatever necessary to have the best team

Act with Integrity

  • Care deeply about our people and services
  • Always do what we say we will do
  • Always tell the truth
  • Treat everybody fairly
  • Respect others views and opinions
  • Be able to justify our actions
  • Give advice in good faith

Our Mission

We believe that empowering our people and understanding our clients world combined with a commitment to acting with integrity and keeping one step ahead enables Callidus to make a positive difference in a challenging industry.